About BodyGo

Toni CurtisToni Sullivan has 16 years experience in Massage Therapy,  is now a Reiki Master with 6 years of Intuitive Healing and Clairvoyant/Tarot/Oracle Reading experience,  as well as offering Dry Needling as part of her treatments. She has worked in Lower Hutt, Wellington CBD,  Wellington Eastern Suburbs, and is now based in Taupo, Central North Island, NZ.

Toni has years of experience with sports teams and individual athletes including Rugby, League, Cricket, Golf, Jet Skiing, Triathlon, Iron Man, Cycling and Long Distance Running.

She also has a great interest in workplace massage and OOS/RSI Management.

Toni’s passion lies in using all the knowledge she has to help people regain enjoyment in  life and and the activites that inspire them and make them happy.


The clinics are situated  at Love Yoga Studio in  Taupo and Whangamata Road in Kinloch, Taupo


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